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Why do many women in Britain like to take brooches? This question has been bothering me. But when I learned the glamour of the brooch, I loved it. Brooch has a lot of brands, of which my favorite brand is Cartier. Earlier I had contact with replica Cartier love bracelet. But when I was in touch with the Cartier brooch, I fell deeply into it.
This sapphire-encrusted cheetah brooch is Cartier’s most famous jewel, and is one of Cariter’s first stereo-shaped animal jewels. Cheetah modelling by Sapphire, diamond paved, lifelike show the cheetah aloof demeanor.
Since 1948, Cartier’s key client, Duke of Windsor, has customized 3 cheetah-shaped brooches, the second of which was completed in 1949, when the media called it atomic bomb of jewelry.
Cartier on this brooch, a rare Kashmir sapphire, weighing 152.35 carats, is polished with an arc-cut, smooth round, fixed by a cheetah’s front paws, tail and two claws.
Cheetah modelling is the use of diamond-paved, undulating body on the gem of the three-dimensional mosaic process has a very high requirements, the leopard pattern of the triangle, the square of the sapphire to adorn, with the arc surface cutting to show different texture with the diamond.
Replica Cartier Jewelry
The diamond brooch was designed by Cartier in 1938 and has been owned by British Princess Margaret. Princess Margaret was wearing this brooch at the coronation ceremony of Queen Elizabeth in 1953.
Cartier uses different cuts and sizes of diamonds to present the rich layers of roses, which make up the petals and details, and the long ladder of diamonds outlines the lines.
Close-knit petals using diamond-paved technology, clever combination of the old European cutting and long ladder-shaped cut diamond, with the edge of the diamond sharp lines outline of the petals; the blade part uses the hollow design to present the vein, the edge inserts the long step-shaped cut diamond, the sharp angular angle symbolizes the rose blade sawtooth shape contour; The pedicel also uses the long ladder-shaped cut diamonds to be inlaid, with a slightly tilted diamond arrangement to highlight the three-dimensional pedicel.
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