Replica Cartier’s double structure

The two rings from Replica Cartier Ring 2016 new “Replica Cartier Love Bracelet” series, to Cartier’s first letter “C” as the main design elements, designers use “relief” like double structure, so that the letter “C More eye-catching.
In order to make the work more layered, the designer in particular the use of deep to shallow color gradient. Blue ring in the central mosaic of dark blue sapphire, surrounded by the gradual transition to light blue, as the night under the wave of waves; orange ring for the orange center of the sapphire, the edge of the inlaid light yellow gems, reminiscent of twilight enveloped golden beach.
Replica Cartier Love Ring is the newly designed director Francesca Amfitheatrof personally completed works, ring wall surrounded by slim “C” -shaped pattern, wearing like a delicate double ring ring, with relief version of the three-dimensional effect.
The same can be seen on the wall of the double “C” mark engraved, and “eat beans ghost” eyes echoed. The letter “C” uses graffiti style fonts, and specifically imitate the “paint dripping” details. Each mark through a small dot to connect, imitate the cartier canvas fabric Diamante pattern.
Platinum Edition Roses Diamond as a “C” -shaped substrate with a total weight of 0.57ct diamonds, showing a bright flashing visual effect; Gold Edition.
With a round diamond outline “C” -shaped pattern, simple and lightweight design to “C” shape more tension.

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