Replica Cartier Love Bracelet Couture Show

Replica Cartier Love Bracelet

Replica Cartier Love Bracelet

Recently, the US designer designed a new Replica Cartier Love Bracelet. The bracelet will be on display at the jewelery show. The design of the entire jewelry is very characteristic. Simple shape, exquisite production, so that this bracelet is more dynamic. This Cartier bracelet is the United States designer Loren Nicole in 2017 Couture Show jewelry show launched a new work, inspired by Etruscan antique bracelet on the filament decorative patterns. The designer will be thin gold hand bending, constitute a rolling wave around the neck, with the original and simple atmosphere. The whole Replica Cartier Love Bracelet consists of 12 gold waves, 20K gold material is easy to hand-shaped, but also provide adequate wear durability. The designer will bend the gold wire to form nearly 50 groups of crests and valleys, and then with the gold side wall in turn welding, forming a fine hollow pattern. In order to make the visual effects more uniform, each corner of the angle and proportion of the need to maintain uniformity, while maintaining a delicate balance of the balance, so as to avoid broken gold. The gold ends are mosaiced with six round cut blue topazs, especially the Bezel Setting – wrapped in a rounded gold inlay, which coincides with the ancient style of the gold pattern The.

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