From the Turkish cultural symbol “flower of life”

Replica Cartier Love BraceletCartier Love Bracelet from the Turkish culture symbol “Flower of Life” and a symbol of football shape “for happiness” ring composition. Silver necklace in the middle of the designers cleverly embedded in a gold ring, add a dash of color to work.

Gurhan new work will remain Turkish culture totem geometric design elements, exotic. On Replica Cartier Love Bracelet, he blackened silver beads symbolize Turkish culture used to combat the forces of evil talisman –Nazar Boncuğu, allowing the wearer to stay away from the legendary bad luck, illness and death threats.American jewelry designer Gurhan Orhan has just launched a new season of gold, jewels, still inspired from Turkey geometric totem ball to Turkish culture with a special symbolic meaning, round, oval,
In 1994, Gurhan Orhan launched its first 24K gold Replica Cartier Love Bracelet series, and stick with the old traditional handmade Turkish crafts goldsmiths to make these jewels. The next 20 years, he works to get his loyal fans, US Secretary of State Hillary Collinton George W. Bush and his wife Laura Bush are his customers.
Gurhan Orhan each piece are made of 24K gold material – First place gold 800 degrees high temperature environment, gold softened when shaping, forging works, and then placed in a high temperature 350-400 degrees Celsius times after 36 hours of annealing treatment to increase the hardness and wear resistance of pure gold, and thus more difficult to wear in everyday wear.Marquise as the main design element.
Gurhan Orhan 1954 was born in Turkey, emigrated to Switzerland in the 1980s, after studying to become a watchmaker, engaged in repairing clocks work. When he returned in 1990 to travel to Istanbul, the accidental exposure to local pure gold products, gold jewelry design from the initiation of the idea.

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