Cartier La Peregrina pearl necklace

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A exquisite jewelry is always going to take years to become more collectible. Cartier has such a necklaces, hundreds of years, experienced a lot of owners, but also let this necklace more legendary color.
This necklace is different from replica Cartier love bracelet is a charm bracelet. This necklace is more legendary, let us together to understand the legend of the necklace of this.
The necklace comes from the collection of American actor Elizabeth Taylor, produced by Cartier in 1972 and is one of the world’s best-known pearls and jewels. Pendant bottom inlaid with an antique pearl called “la pérégrina”, weighing 50.56 carats, has been circulating in the European royal family for nearly 300 years, a long history and the famous successive owners make it the most expensive, the most collectible pearl.
In the middle of 16th century, the Pearl Islands of Gulf of Panama discovered a rare droplet-shaped pearl, presenting a perfectly symmetrical shape, the largest pearl ever found. For the next more than 250 years, the Pearl became the favorite of Spain’s successive queens, and you can see this pearl in the portraits of Mary I, Elisabeth France, and Mariana Austria.
In 1808, the new Spanish king Joseph Bonaparte named the Pearl “la pérégrina”, then transfer to nephew Napoléon III, and finally moved to the British Abercorn Duke.
In 1969, American actor Richard Burton bought “la pérégrina” at the auction for $37,000, giving his wife Elizabeth Taylor as a 37 birthday present. Taylor excitedly called it “the world’s most perfect Pearl”, and commissioned Cartier’s jewelry designer Al Durante to match the rare pearl with a necklace inlaid with rubies and diamonds.
The final piece of the work is inlaid with 57 natural seawater pearls and 4 cultured pearls, strung together into two necklaces. The pendant can be disassembled as a brooch to wear, the use of dense blade styling design, with 19th century antique diamonds are paved with old mine cut and rose-like cutting, with Ruby as embellishment.
2011, this “la pérégrina” pearl necklace as Elizabeth Taylor’s collection in the UK auction, with a price of up to $11.84 million to fall hammer, breaking the pearl jewelry auction record, still is the most expensive pearl works.
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