Cartier Jadeite Earrings

Replica Cartier Jewelry

We all know that the Chinese people like jade, jade in China comparable to more valuable diamond. And jade jewelry is made very popular, the most famous is the gold inlay jade. The famous Beijing Olympic medal is made from Gold jewelery set. By the impact of Chinese jade, more jewelry brands are more willing to make jade jewelry. One of the most famous is that we are going to introduce Cartier today. Cartier is the famous French jewelry brand. To produce a lot of fine jewelry, the most familiar is Replica Cartier Love Bracelet.
This is the jade earrings Cartier designed in 1926 to the Chinese jade carvings in the most common “cabbage” as the theme, the bright green jade and bright red enamel, coral with a distinctive oriental temperament.
This group of earrings have the meaning of wealth, the traditional carved pieces of jade generally use the white, green to show the stems and leaves of cabbage. Cartier’s designers were influenced by the Art Deco style, through the abstract geometric lines to show the leaves of the cabbage cascade – first made of platinum hollow pattern, and then covered with enamel glaze, bright color imitation of the Chinese lacquer icon of the red The
Cabbage modeling on the outside of two hollow jade discs, smooth contours and the central circle just fit, the color is a strong contrast – jade has a bright green, enamel is showing a strong red.
The slender earrings are made of small round diamonds and are naturally incorporated into the Western elements in oriental temperament. Diamonds are also particularly decorated between the four coral balls, with bright colors and red enamel echoes.

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