Cartier Étourdissant Sindura engraved ruby bracelet

Replica Cartier Love Bracelet

Cartier bracelet has always been one of the women’s favorite jewelry. We all know that the French jewelry brand has a unique charm, and Cartier jewelry to elegant design, has won a lot of consumer recognition. Such as the famous Replica Cartier Love Bracelet is the most hot of a jewelry. The Sindura bracelet is the representative of luxury jewelry.
This piece of Sindura bracelet is Cartier in Étourdissant in 2015 launched a series of high jewelry series, the integration of precious stones carving process and religious style geometric structure design, “Sindura” the name from Sanskrit, meaning cinnabar powder.
The whole bracelet mosaic of 42 rubies, each ruby ​​central embossed India’s Lotus totem, contour cut for the hexagonal, every 6 small ruby ​​around a large ruby, the formation of Kam honeycomb pattern, between the ruby You can see embellished diamonds. All the rubies are chosen the best. And the selection of the world’s most famous jewelry production craftsmen made of.
Cartier this design is designed for girls, because the ruby ​​has been very like girls. And Cartier made a bracelet with ruby, so that more women love Cartier Bracelet.
In order to make the work have a richer level, the designer mosaic onyx-black onyx between the honeycomb patterns made of every seven rubies inlaid with a bright cut diamonds, symmetrical two triangular-shaped onyx agglomerates. Black agate can bring out the bright red diamonds and diamonds shiny.

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